The podcast of the Brazilian Elixir community

Elixir em Foco is a podcast where we talk to Brazilian software developers about the Elixir programming language and its community.

English subtitles available

Our team!

Meet the people who make Elixir em Foco possible

Adolfo Neto

Creator and Host

Adolfo Neto teaches, writes, speaks (in podcasts), researches and develops in Elixir and Erlang. Not necessarily in this order. Currently a professor at UTFPR.

Cristine Guadelupe


Coffee addict, crazy cat lady, and LiveView enthusiast.

Herminio Torres


Herminio Torres, software developer. Elixir currently pays my bills. I'm the creator and creator of Elixercism - a group that teaches elixir through exercises from Enthusiast of good coffees.

Zoey Pesanha


Computer Scientist student; fascinated by functional programming; a good cook, but that's beside the point; a promoter of functional programming and Elixir.

Our Sponsors!

Meet the companies and organizations that are our sponsors on this journey

Erlang Ecosystem Foundation

The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation supports this podcast by funding the software we use to record the episodes. The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by over 1,000 members who embrace its model of collaborative Working Groups and community-building events. EEF members include industry leaders who are dedicated to promoting state of the art for Erlang, Elixir, LFE, and other BEAM-based technologies.

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